$yLARP, an Origin Story…

Larptoshi, LARP creator left the project devastated

Enter yLARP.

$LARP has been forked. $yLARP is born.

yLARP Roadmap:

Alpha Phase (60 Days)

Dates: 10–21–20 ~ 12–21–20

Beta Phase (90 Days) -

Dates: 12–20 ~ 03–21–21

Delta Phase (90 Days)

03–21–21 ~ TBA

yLARP vs. $yLARP.

Official yLARP Logo

Promising Future

The time for going back has passed. The path that we’ve chosen is full of promise, and we’ve chosen to build something grand in the wild west landscape that is DeFi. Onlookers will be amazed, naysayers will assimilate, and many will join the journey to have their loyalty rewarded.



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