$yLARP, an Origin Story…

3 min readOct 19, 2020

In a galaxy not so far far away…

A malicious developer under the pseudonym @Larptoshi launched an intentional scam project: LARP and walked away with an unknown sum in ETH. His exit not only left the value of the token spiraling out of control, but it left a community of victims beholden to a project without direction. This, however, is only the beginning of the tale. yLARP was soon to be born…

Larptoshi, LARP creator left the project devastated

LARP seemed to have promise. It’s roadmap boasted goals to produce an NFT battle platform, a Twitter tipping bot, and several other features, none of which was actually planned for production. Larptoshi, like many scammers before him, preyed on the average investors' tendency to trust what they see; to never question things until it’s too late.

The story seemed over. The updates started to slow to a halt, the group was left unmoderated save for the bans of members calling for action, and anarchy seemed to be running amock. Eventually, LARPers would log onto Telegram to see every administrator account deleted. The pool was nearly drained. It was the end.

Enter yLARP.

$LARP has been forked. $yLARP is born.

yLarp is a community token project with a focused goal to build to develop and launch turned based NFT Battle Farming. This project will be carried out in 3 phases: Alpha Phase, Beta Phase, and Delta Phase.

Players will use yLARP’s next gen token $dLARP to pay for characters, upgrades, and tournament entries. These tournaments held in yLARPs online arena, will feature crypto prizes, and will bring value and incentive to the yLARP economy. The project is 100% driven by open source, and is a fork of a previous project LARP which was subsequently abandoned by it’s developer.

yLARP Roadmap:

Alpha Phase (60 Days)

Dates: 10–21–20 ~ 12–21–20

° Token Genesis

° Airdrop

° Presale

° Yield Farming

Beta Phase (90 Days) -

Dates: 12–20 ~ 03–21–21

° v2 Token, $dLARP Development Begins

° $dLARP Farming Begins

° Senior Developement Onboarding

° NFT Artist Team Onboarding

Delta Phase (90 Days)

03–21–21 ~ TBA

yLARP vs. $yLARP.

Official yLARP Logo

It’s simple; yLARP is a protocol, and $yLARP is a token.

yLARP is a protocol.

The yLARP protocol will be developed in the 2nd phase of our roadmap. This protocol will allow us to create a platform where users can stake yLARP, Battle in Tournaments, build characters and make a name for themselves.

$yLARP is a token.

The $yLARP token is the community governance and yield farming token that will allow users to vote, farm, and eventually purchase/upgrade collectible NFTs as part of the yLARP Battleground ecosystem. $yLARP not only brings value to the ecosystem


$yLARP’s Tokenomics pictured below features a 12 month team token lock., allocations for giveaways and airdrops, and 20000 in yLARP which will be locked in liquidity.

Promising Future

The time for going back has passed. The path that we’ve chosen is full of promise, and we’ve chosen to build something grand in the wild west landscape that is DeFi. Onlookers will be amazed, naysayers will assimilate, and many will join the journey to have their loyalty rewarded.


Join us: www.t.me/ylarp

Twitter; www.twitter.com/ylarpmoney

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